Amazing Ideas for your Valentine’s Day Events

What can you do to have the perfect Valentine’s Day Events? 

Valentine’s day is a great date to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones. However, this is also a nice opportunity to make the most amazing theme events. Doesn’t matter if you wanna have corporate Valentine’s day events, public events, a singles only party, a family and friends party… The sky’s the limit! The best part of it is how these simple production additions can change completely the look of the celebration: 

Rose Petal Cannons 

Having a Rose Petal Shower screams Valentine’s Day. Visually, it fits perfectly with the theme and it also complements the decor. You can use real rose petals to have the fresh scent, but you can choose silk petals as well. 

Valentine's Day Events

Floor Wrapping

This addition helps you enhance the theme of the party since you can custom design what do you want to have on the dance floor. It can be from hearts or roses to the logo of the company or the name of the party. 

Valentine's Day Events

Pattern/ Decor Lighting 

The same images, figures or logos that the floor wrapping give you, can be accomplished with lighting. That’s how decor lighting comes as an amazing addition since you can have your custom design reflected on the walls, floor or even the ceiling. 

Valentine's Day Events

Uplights to add some color

Each themed event has to have their signature colors, and Valentine’s day definitely has a lot of potentials to play with the colors. Decorations can help, but the lighting will everything together. 

LED Panels 

They can be a part of a wall or the whole DJ booth. It looks very modern and it can also have videos, logos or images that’ll fit the occasion. 

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