How Can a Foam Party Change your summer? 

Summer has so many good things to offer: sunny days, beach getaways, the summer break… But let’s be honest, Miami events during this season are at another level. Having a Foam party, or enjoying from Festivals, Special events, 4th of July shows, and of course, our beloved pool parties, are the best experience. 

Pool Parties are our specialty, and we have all the special effects that everybody needs for these type of events. Our most famous additions are the Foam Machines. From small to large, this guys can take your event to a whole new level. 

Foam parties instantly make the event more interesting, the effect looks amazing in pictures, and the crowd really enjoy it. having a successful foam party opens your doors to any other type of event during the summer. 

There’s no better way of proving how cool the machine is than with some videos and pictures from events and demos.  Enjoy! 

Small Foam Machine 


Large Foam Machine 


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