Halloween is a great season for awesome parties. There’s a lot of DIY’s out there to help you with the decorations. But overall the essence of a great Halloween party goes further than that. If you’re all in for it, you have to make sure your guests really get the Halloween feeling. So the question is, how can I make a really great party that can stand out from the others? Don’t worry, we have everything covered and we tell you how: 

Black Lights for some glow in the dark 

Black lights give the darkness you need for the party and, at the same time, you can play with what you want to make glow. You can use white or light decorations related to Halloween to give the perfect effect. You will instantly accomplish a themed event without putting too much effort in it. 

Halloween party

Use Low Lying Fog 

This special effect is as simple as it gets. Low Lying Fog is one of the best assets that a Halloween party can have. It gives the ideal impression when the guests enter the room, and it also looks great in pictures. The best part is that this can suit kids, teens and adult parties. To add the final touches, use the fog machine for other places like the entrance or some hallways.   

Custom Haunted Houses

What better way to welcome your guests than with a haunted house? You can even have it just in the entrance to give a nice introduction to the party. It doesn’t matter if you want to do it big or small, Light F/X Pros custom designs them according to your ideas! 

Slush Stations 

The Slush station gives your drinks a unique twist. Besides, this station works with dry ice, therefore the smokey effect will suit the ocassion perfectly.

Sound and Lights make a Big Difference 

In order to make a good party, you have to consider how important the sound system will be. If you want to include Halloween sounds, they must be nice and realistic. Besides that, having a great equipment for the music won’t hurt anybody.

Lighting is a great way of playing with the party’s theme. If you’re not into the black lights, there are some other options like Laser shows, moving heads or even LED Walls with your custom logo and colors to add a little extra. 

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