Laura Pausini Concert – The Special Effects At Her Performance

The James L. Knight was crowded for the Laura Pausini Concert along with the special performance of Gente de Zona. The show was beyond amazing, and the fans couldn’t be happier by the whole show. We provided all the special effects and gave the wow factor for both artists performances. We did Sparkular Machines, Confetti Blowers, and CO2 Jets. 

Laura Pausini is a very well known artist in Miami and the rest of the world. This was one of many concerts that are expecting here across the USA. We had the pleasure to be a part of her show in Miami because we’re definitely the best at special effects in the city. Besides, Gente de Zona was there to open the show and to give a very fun performance along with Laura. The people went crazy since Gente de Zona is also one of the favorite bands in Miami.

We displayed the most important moments of the show with the special effects. We used confetti blowers, that showered the entire venue and guests, and the moment looked picture perfect. With Laura and Gente de Zona’s song “Nadie ha dicho”, we used CO2 Cryo Jets and Confetti. Those kinds of details always complement the artists’ talent and make the moment more exciting for everybody! But the main star of the show was the sparkular machines that popped during one of the most famous Laura’s songs “Inolvidable”. Overall, the show turned out amazing! Happy fans, happy artists and happy clients, that’s the most rewarding thing for us.

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