Miami FC Game – CO2 and Color Smoke Grenades

Miami FC Game Recap 

It was a pleasure to be a part of Miami FC Game production once more, and we delivered our best services as usual. We provided CO2 Guns and colored smoke grenades with the colors of the team. CO2 guns and jets are always a big hit when it comes to interacting with the crowd. They cheer up the audience, and the players at the same time. On the other hand, smoke grenades not only look amazing in pictures, but they’re a great way to represent the team. 

In the end, families, friends, and fans had a great time watching their favorite team playing for the city. Check out the event’s recap where we show you our amazing special effects. The best part of them is that they very versatile for all types of events. We’ve used CO2 Cryo guns and jets for concerts, pool parties, corporate events and more! But CO2 can also work on the LSG Low Lying Fog machines, which are perfect for events like weddings and quinces. Smoke grenades are also extremely popular in all types of events. They’re used for gender reveals, weddings, photo shoots and every other celebration where you wanna put some color to the place.

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