Platforms & Runways

Platforms and Runways by Staging & Dimension

Are you in the need for Platforms? Your Event will have the best of the best with Light F/X Pro’s. They can be at your pool parties,  private events, weddings, and other type of events where you don’t want to struggle with the amount of space you have. Instead of a big Stage, you can get a simple, practical and sleek platform.  

Staging Dimensions offers superior staging products for all of your staging. Rolling riser, orchestra pit filler, multi-height choral riser, sound wings, spot towers, main stage or stage extension needs. With a certified live load rating of 200 lbs per square foot Staging Dimensions manufactures one of the strongest singled sided decks on the market. Our standard stage decks can be any square or rectangular dimension beginning at 1′ x 1′ up to 4′ x 8′. Larger sizes, curved, triangular or circular stages are also available as custom products.

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