Pyro Show for a Gender Reveal Party

This is a Nice Gender Reveal Party Idea

The concept of a gender reveal party is so popular nowadays, that it keeps getting bigger, better and more creative. We definitely checked all those requirements by giving an incredible pyro name set piece show to the parents and family members. 

The couple’s best friend reached out to Light F/X Pro’s looking for a great idea. She had a vision and, of course, we turned it into a reality. Since one of our specialties are fireworks and pyro shows, and the client wanted to surprise the parents big time, using pyro was a no-brainer.

We custom designed the letters for them and the result was a pyro name set piece ready to spark up the news! The family was so happy to see that the soon to be born baby was going to be a Boy! The best part is that we have an amazing video recap that shows the exciting event.

Light F/X Pro’s can custom design pyro set pieces for the gender reveal parties, marriage proposals, birthday parties, and so much more! The possibilities are endless! Our company delivers production services for any type of event. We provide lighting, sound, fireworks and special effects for your special celebration. Remember, no matter how big or small you want your event to be, we will deliver the best services and most professional crew to make it happen! 


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