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Light F/X Pro’s is a full-service special effects company based in Miami and your best source for Indoor/Outdoor Fireworks and Pyrotechnics, CO2 and LN2 (cryogenic) Fog Effects, Flame and Fire Effects, Confetti and Streamers. We have been providing the Entertainment Industry with custom high-quality Special Effects for over 15 years. We are a service oriented company with hundreds of satisfied customers ranging from small private functions to large permanently installed effects systems. Our special effects have been utilized for many different events that include live Corporate Functions, Major Motion Pictures and Family Entertainment.

Our Services


Light FX Pro’s has the professionals and the experience to create a great pyrotechnic show for you. Gerbs, Mines, Comets, Concussions, an more! 

CO2 Jets 

Co2 Cryo Jets are great special effects and very popular worldwide for concerts, festivals, night clubs & all types of special events. Available for rental or hard installation.

Spark One Machines

Indoor/Outdoor usage, very low smoke, dissipates fast, no strong pyro smell, up to 10 minutes of shoot time per granules, fountain can shoot 90 second intervals, height – adjustable from 5 – 15 feet, adjust the density of fountain, easy set up for multiple locations.

Flame Units

Flames can create a great atmosphere for many events. From product launches, music performances to big sport events, or even as an addition to a different kind of party. They can be used in addition to firework displays or are just as effective alone. Our state of the art flame projector operates both indoor and out producing a variety of flame special effects from tall flame jets to delicate fire balls. 

Confetti Blowers

These devices blow confetti or streamers continuously. Confetti Blowers are great for concerts, parades, outdoor and big events in general.  

LSG Low Lying Fog

You can use our LSG Low Lying Fog Machine for very high volume areas. The Fog will cover the whole dance floor, and it’s perfect for large concert floors, night clubs, ballrooms, etc. It uses a special molecular fog fluid which is completely safe for indoor use with out setting off any fire alarms.  

CO2 Cryo Guns

Available for rental. Comes with 1 gun, o1 20 lb CO2 tank & a 15ft hose. Multiple guns available and larger tanks available as well.


Confetti Cannons

This effect gives you a single confetti, perfect for grand openings, corporate events, weddings, gender reveals, and more!

Foam Machine

Foam Machines are a must for the summer months. It’s also a great way to really interact with the crowd. You can use it at pool parties, summer events, music festivals, concerts, and so much more! This Foam Machine is available for rental. 

Snow Machines

Snow machines definitely are very entertaining to keep them kids busy! Great effect for winter theme parties and Christmas parties. It’s a nice and romantic touch that you can add to your special day, like proms, graduation parties or weddings. The Snow machine is available for rental.

Bubble Machine

We carry various size bubble machines to facilitate you with whatever effect you are looking for. Great for outdoor events, night clubs & parks. Fill up any room with hundreds of bubbles!

T-Shirt Launcher

Our T-Shirts Launcher has the capability of shooting 300 ft which is the length of a football field! Great for sporting events or corporate events. We can even have our staff roll up the t-shirts for you. Next time you have the use for this product give us a call!

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Was so surprised how nice my room looked when I walked in the door. I had imagined it but never thought it would change the room so much! Im so happy I chose Light FX for my wedding all their lighting and decor really made my wedding beautiful. Definitely would recommend them!

James Wedding