Unique Ideas

Vodka Slide Ice Sculpture:

Let Light FX Pro’s spice up your event with this new Ice Sculpture. This new innovative Ice sculpture has a funnel running inside from top to bottom. You have a choice of assorted designs to choose from. The Vodka slide has been known to make your party more festive!

There are choices of different color up-lightings to go with your party mood. Allowing you to take shots of Vodka we have also extended our variety of drinks so that you may choose the drink of your liking; any were from Hawaiian Punch to Jack Daniel’s. The Vodka slide will make a great addition to you party and put a smile on your guest’s face.  We also have a Ice Bar where your guest will be able to get their drinks from a chilly Sculpture. Any ideas you have we can make it happen when it comes to Ice Sculpture!

Rose Petal Cannons:

Widely used in weddings & quinces our Rose Petal Explosions – Cannons give a amazing effect that brings a beautiful ending to a first dance or kiss. Real live rose petals are used & color is to the customers choice. Have your first dance or kiss while being showered by rose petals. Great picture moment as you can see! 2 cannons are normally used as a minimum on either side of the room but for an amazing effect go with 4 cannons for a big wow!