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Rose Petals Cannons

Real live rose petals are used & colored according to the customer’s choice. For a great shower of petals.

Propane Bon Fire

We have a customized propane gas controlled bon fire setup that we can regulate sizes of fires from 1ft to 5ft high.

Cocktail Pits Tables

They are 5ft. in length by 3ft wide. These are a great addition to any event. Pair up to 4 of these tables at the same time. Available for rental. Runs on propane and do not require any additional hoses to run it, It’s self contained.

Floating Fire Pits

This is a floating version of the fire pit that you can use in pools. Great addition to any outdoor event.

Dry Ice Slush Station

Dazzle your guests as our mixologists mix your favorite drinks into our blocks of dry ice to give them a frozen slushy cocktail.


Jesmig was incredibly patient with us. We weren’t quite sure if we wanted to do it or not, but are so happy we did. She kept popping in every so often to check up on our decision but NOT in an obsessive, give-me-money way. Always very courteous and kind.

Our initial contract was for the wrong product but one email fixed that – she was prompt and polite about fixing anything that needed fixing and answering any questions that arose.

The petals are freeze dried which means they’re bio-degradable, and were SO COOL. We hadn’t told anyone except our photographer about them so seeing the looks on people’s faces was one of our favorite memories from the ceremony.

The cannons were unobtrusive but louder than expected. And they shot rose petals at our guests. So much fun!!!

Jen Jark