Cocktail Fire Tables

We love our Fire Tables!

Introducing our new line of cocktail fire tables. They are 5ft in length by 3ft wide. These are a great addition to any event. Pair up to 4 of these tables at the same time. Available for rental. We also offer a floating version of the fire pits that you can use in pools. Both versions run on propane and do not require and additional hoses run to them, they are all self contained. We have designed the perfect centerpiece for your special event! These unique showpiece designs will bring the missing ambiance to your party or event. You can rent these fire features for the duration of your event. One of our attendants will accompany the fire pit to ensure you are able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Your Rental Includes all the necessary items.

Our fire features are perfect for any event, including weddings, social gatherings, corporate events, family functions and pool parties. We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction and strive to make your next event a success! Please call our offices for more details.

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