Outdoor/Barge Fireworks

Land or Sea we can take care of all your Firework needs

Outdoor aerial displays or fireworks done on a barge in the water are displays that are shot off on land with enough space or in the bay areas on one of our floating barges. These displays are designed to entertain groups of people – corporate events, grand openings, weddings, quinces, and sporting events that are near or at waterfront properties. They provide you with an “up close and personal” experience. This display has a wide variety of high level effects visible from ground level to a height of 400 feet in the sky. Light F/X Pro’s will handle all logistics from A-Z when it comes to permitting, fire watch, coast guard permits, etc. We own our own barges and pass that savings of barge rentals directly to our client. A 400-foot radius is needed from the discharge area to the audience viewing area for this type of display.

Barge Fireworks Videos