Epic Hotel Pool Party for Swim Week

Epic Hotel Pool Party – Miami Swim Week 2018 

Miami is one of the best cities to go partying, mostly because of events like this. Epic Hotel Pool Party had Miami Swim Week going along and there were a lot of bikinis involved. We provided the runway, LED Panels, LED Lighting, Sound, Co2 Jets, Stage, Truss structures and more for this epic event!   

Epic Hotel Pool Party

Miami Swim Week was full of surprises. The Epic Hotel Hosted an amazing event along with Akosha Fashion to display their latest Swimwear Collection. Some enjoyed the beautiful designs and some from the models’ catwalk. This display was in the middle of the pool area with a sleek white runway that our team set up for the occasion. 

When it comes to the party, the DJs made sure everybody had the best music from the beginning to the end. There were performances from incredible DJs like Robbie Rivera, Carlos Pouso, Joseph Anthony, and more! We provided the full sound equipment so the music could go on and on! Speakers, Sound Consoles, Subwoofers, and Line Arrays for the perfect audio. 

The lighting was also a big part of the party since it lasted til later in the night. LED Lights gave ambiance to the whole place. However, the star of the show was the LED Panels that made a nice design for the visual effects. Each performance had their personalized graphics and the brands involved in the events were also displayed. 

Overall, the event was a total success and the pictures are the perfect proof for it. Light F/X Pros always thrives to exceed the customers’ expectations and results like this is what makes us happy. Our team offers the best lighting, sound, fireworks and special effects services for any type of event. There’s no event too big or too small for us because we’ll deliver the best professionalism to exceed your expectations! 

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